History of steamtug S/S Robert

Here follows a short history of S/S Robert. You can also read a summary if you prefer.

During 1973 - 1976 S/S Robert was documented in the photoalbum of Göran Stengel which is now available here.

There are also a number of filmes of S/S Robert in 1974 here.

S/S Robert was built in the shipyard at Bergsund as S/S Hudik and received the production number 74. She was bought by district court judge P. O. Nordin for Gävle Ångslupsbolag (Ltd) and the purchase sum was 10 000 Rdr (old Swedish currency). As early as 1882 S/S Hudik was sold to J. A. Kjellberg & Sons in Kramfors and the name was changed to S/S Robert. At the same time she was most likely converted from a passenger steamship into a tug. It is difficult to know the appearance of the ship at that time as photos and drawings from the time immediately after the rebuilding are missing.

RobertS/S Robert pulling barges in Kramfors harbour in 1920 (to the very left)

As can be seen in the picture above S/S Robert was probably rebuilt once more at the beginning of the 20th century. Space was then created onboard in the combined engine and boiler room to convey stevedores between the industries along the banks of the Ångermanriver. Robert was equipped with a towhook to be able to tow lime and mud-boats. Sometimes Robert also towed barges loaded with timber to ships that, due to lack of space at the warves, were loading from an anchorage in the Ångermanbay. Astern of the engine there was placed a steam-powered fire engine which, without doubt, was supposed to be used to put out fires in the many timber-yards bordering the waters.

During the last years in Ådalen Robert was lying at the Öd quay just outside Kramfors. She was engaged in commercial trade until 1972, and to enable one single person to manaeuvre the ship, the boiler was placed with the fireplaceopening forward and was heated with oil. In this way it was possible to operate the burner from the cabin.

Robert S/S Robert at Grusholmen just outside Kramfors. Picture probably shot sometime between 1970 and 1974.
S/S Robert on the Ångermanriver. At work
Color Between 1972 and 1977 the ship changed owners several times. Probably the ship wasnīt painted white until the beginning of the 1970īs. Please note the steam outlet from the oil preheater.

Finally Robert was sold to Södertälje where a large-scale renovation was initiated. Half finished he was bought, in the summer of 1993, by Olle Mannert, Anders Westerberg and Tomas Blom and the final preparations for making her seaworthy are now in full swing. The purpose is to make Robert once more a coal fired tugboat with Scottish boiler and a compound steamengine.

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