Renovation of S/S Robert

On these pages you will see what has happened on S/S Robert since we begun the renovation. The most recently added photos are from Oktober 2006.

The order of the photos has been changed so from now on you will find them in reversed chronological order i.e. the latest on top.

First trip in nearly 30 years, summer of 2006

Fitting of armatures, June 2003

Gunwale and steering, part 1, August 2002

Gunwale and steering, part 2, August 2002

Inside boiler, August 2001

The cabin onboard S/S Robert, july 2000

Building the cabin, januari 2000

Building the cabin, july 1998

Assembling the engine,  mars 1998

Assembling the engine, december 1997

More pictures from renovation, september 1997

Construction of stack, august 1997