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S/S Robert in Oktober 2006.

The S/S Robert was built in the shipyard at Bergsund in 1866. After a long period of service in Ådalen S/S Robert was sold to Södertälje where a large scale renovation was begun. Half finished he was bought in the summer of 1993 by Olle Mannert, Anders Westerberg and Tomas Blom and has since then been restored. The purpose is to make S/S Robert once more a coal fired tugboat with a Scottish boiler and a compound steamengine. In 2006 we were able to perform the first technical tests and in 2007 we went on the first official trip to Mariefred.

As soon as the boiler and machine systems are completed we will go on with the restoration of the aft and stern cabins.

This steamship is FOR SALE. Please click here for more information.

Last updated 2017-04-14 with sale information which you find if you click here.